Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fat, ugly, worthless.

They are just a few words that come to mind when I get asked how I feel. Obviously I don't say them because I would just look like a depressive 14 year old and that's not the 'look' I am going for. I say look with those line things because I have not yet realised who I am. To this day the only things I know about myself is that I get bored easily, have a continuesly forever growing stomach and I like music. It's kind if sad really because in a way, I look at all you normal stereo type of a not 'normal' person (there they are again) and actually admire them a lot for knowing who they are and what they like. I have this theory in my head where every time you wake up, you wake up with a new brain, meaning new personality and new views. Ovbiously the brains are quite similar, so it's not a giant change but it's just a slight change day by day to change who we are. I think this because one day I will wake up and think the worlds a drawing board and I am the chalk but then another day wake up and want to be plain, normal and simple for the rest of my life.the thing I hate the most about is how I look. I won't go into detail because I would be here for hours on end and you might think I am being ungrateful and if you are blame the media.i also learnt today 1% of woman are happy with how they look. How is this okay?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

ohana means family and family means that nobody gets left behind.

I went to a christening today. I don't really like them, the church part anyway, but the after thingys alright. It was my cousins baby poppy and May i just state it now she's a gift to the earth. I have never really been religious or anything and it's not that I don't or do believe in him it's that I just don't have an opinion on the whole subject. Don't get me wrong I find the stories fascinating but I just don't really believe in them. So as you can tell the singing, the praying and the reading wasn't really my cup of tea however I sat through it all and mimed a few of the songs so hey ho, did my part. However through the whole of the event one of the vicars were staring at me as if to look down at me? Not very christianic behaviour, though she did have a poorly sowed rainbow on her long scarf so I forgave her for her minor sin. The after 'party' was nice seeing all the family together especially with some newly born additions to the family considering their lack of English language and the ability to chew food. But it was only till tody that I realised just how much I love my family. I mean we might just be the dingles in emerdale but we Shute know how to have a laugh. Moving aside the fact my farther had had 2 pints or larger before twelve but was also challenging my uncle to a 'who can take the most' compettion. Then again I did get a tenet out of it ' you owe me petrol money' .....  He didn't. 

Friday, 4 October 2013


Its that time of year where leaves fall off trees , the weather gets colder and I revert to a new hobby on the internet, last year was tumblr, twitter the year before that and now, we'll you guessed it... blogger. I normally start this thing then stop but with my new fancy ipad I suppose it will be a bit more fun. Besides I need something to do while sat in bed drinking hit chocolate and feeling sorry for myself.