Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fat, ugly, worthless.

They are just a few words that come to mind when I get asked how I feel. Obviously I don't say them because I would just look like a depressive 14 year old and that's not the 'look' I am going for. I say look with those line things because I have not yet realised who I am. To this day the only things I know about myself is that I get bored easily, have a continuesly forever growing stomach and I like music. It's kind if sad really because in a way, I look at all you normal stereo type of a not 'normal' person (there they are again) and actually admire them a lot for knowing who they are and what they like. I have this theory in my head where every time you wake up, you wake up with a new brain, meaning new personality and new views. Ovbiously the brains are quite similar, so it's not a giant change but it's just a slight change day by day to change who we are. I think this because one day I will wake up and think the worlds a drawing board and I am the chalk but then another day wake up and want to be plain, normal and simple for the rest of my life.the thing I hate the most about is how I look. I won't go into detail because I would be here for hours on end and you might think I am being ungrateful and if you are blame the media.i also learnt today 1% of woman are happy with how they look. How is this okay?

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