Sunday, 5 January 2014

New year, old me.

The common thing to see and hear at this point is 'I'm making a fresh start' and 'I'm going to be a whole new person' well... What a load of crap. Sometimes change is good, let's say if a drug addict started the new year clean, good on em stay like that, but I cannot stand these comments used by people who did nothing wrong nor need any change? And let's face it they will be the same person they were on December 5th to January 4th, so let's cut the crap while we are ahead. I I fact have a simple New Years resolution that is probably very common but true, loose weight and have fun. Nothing drastic happened last year nor I guess will this year but I intend to have fun and 'live in the moment'. I would like to leave you with a slight bit of advise today, or even just a thought to think about. If you saw yourself how you are now, 5 years ago would you be pleased? Disappointed? Shocked? Proud? What do you think?

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