Monday, 13 January 2014


So, we've all come to the same conclusion that infact the whole education system sucks epically. Due to the lack of accurate examination tests and the scale on which people are measured on intelligence by their ability to be able to work out the circumference of a circle instead of individual qualities. EVERYBODY IS GOOD AT SOMETHING. It also appears to me that the lack of creativity and independence is on the increase as children are told what to put because its right, then  told they failed to do so, instead of thinking what to put and why. I do nothing but admire and appreciate one of Einsteins millions of intelligent quotes ' if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid'. I mean how more accurate could that be? Children are being tested at the age as early as 5, to be told what grade they are going to get and if they are 'smart' or 'stupid'.The reasons for the '  in that was because what IS smart? what IS stupid? is knowing what to do in a burning building common knowledge or intelligence? is knowing what happens when salt is put on ice pointless or helpful? Well it all comes down to our own minds. I think learning about the past is pointless, however admire people that learn about it because of they're appreciation and interest and i would never want or expect the 'government' to take history out of the curriculum.

There they are again the dreaded quotation lines. The reason i highlighted government in sarcastic lines was simply because i would like to rename this group of imbeciles, irrelevant, stuck up, inconsiderate, arseholes.

Please do not pardon my french. Its fact.

The idea of removing arts from education makes my skin crawl and is damn right the most irresponsible thought to be made. Without arts we would not have musicals, films, shows, advertisements, decorates, dancers, singers, the list goes on. Its the only section in education that encourages people to use their minds, it stimulates the brain and uses freedom of thought. So now we know why they want to get rid of it ay, individual thinking. I don't think i need to disscuss exactly all the reasons why this is a incredibly idiotic thing to put forward because, well, i'd be here forever and your smart enough to know. (smarter then them creative killing bastards)


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